The Top 11 Best Beaches in Kenya You Need to Visit from India

Best Beaches in Kenya -

Kenya is a country known for its stunning beaches. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, Kenya should be at the top of your list. From the white sand beaches of Diani Beach to the rocky shores of Watamu Beach, there are plenty of beautiful Kenya beaches to choose from. In this blog post, we will share some of the best beaches in Kenya. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and get ready for an unforgettable beach vacation!

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The Top 11 Surreal, Best Beaches in Kenya Review 

Kenya has one of the best beaches in Africa and the world. Here is a list of Indian Ocean beaches on the Kenya side that you should consider visiting when you come to Kenya for a safari.

1. Best Beaches in Kenya – Diani Beach

Situated 30 km south of Mombasa, Diani Beach is one of the most popular Kenya beaches. Her pearly white sands saw Diani ranked among the world’s top 12 best secret beaches (New York Post).

Aside from the visual appeal, this beach is also home to the most docile yet elusive big fish, the whale shark. Visiting Diani Beach, Mombasa, Kenya, is an opportunity to see these magnificent yet amiable creatures and even swim with them!

The beach is rich in coral reefs, making snorkeling an absolute joy. You will enjoy a vibrant underworld with boundless fish and other sea-dwelling creatures like Ollie the Octopus! For fishing fans, deep-sea fishing in Diani will not disappoint.

Diani has it all with activities like the big game adventure of capturing a Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Sharks, Tuna fish, Giltheads, and Snappers.

Other attractions in Diani include skydiving and extending your Diani Beach holiday to fit a round of golf at the Leisure Lodge Golf club. The Diani nightlife is worth checking out, with over twenty clubs to choose from, serving food and drink at all-night hours.

2. Best Beaches in the World – Wasini Island

What makes Wasini Island one of the more interesting Kenya beach holiday destinations is that it has no carts, cars, or bicycles. The small town, 75km off of Mombasa, is also home to Humpback Whales and Dolphins.

The water visibility is excellent in Wasini, and you can see these creatures while snorkeling alongside different species of fish and crabs. The ocean waters, which are an especially beautiful deep blue at the Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park, are a good spot for swimming and deep-sea diving.

Wish to know a little bit of Kenyan history? How about visiting the nearby Shimoni Slave caves? Here you learn about the infamous Arab slave trade between the 8th- 19th centuries! The caves, gazetted as a historic landmark, are well worth a visit.

3. Private Beaches in Kenya – Chale Island

Secluded and exclusive; are the words that come to mind when you visit the beach at Chale Island. Situated at the North end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County, Chale Island is a sacred ‘Kaya’ (homestead) among the Mijikenda people of the coast.

This is because the island, shaped like a horseshoe, is surrounded by sacred indigenous forests. It’s also a nesting place for several endangered species of sea Turtles. Sea fishing, snorkeling, and swimming are staple pastimes here.

As one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Kenya, the waters of the island are perfect for swimming. Chale Island also hosts scores of Dolphins and are an excellent location for kite surfing and Kayaking! Given its heavy Mangrove cover, you can also take a trip, enjoy quiet moments, and reconnect with nature’s tranquility while enjoying a gentle canoe ride.

4. Best Beaches in Africa – Watamu Beach & Turtle Bay

Watamu is a small town approximately 105 km North of Mombasa and a haven of the best Kenyan beaches. Watamu beaches consist of 3 bays; Blue Bay, Watamu, and Turtle Bay. What makes Watamu beaches attractive is partly their sparkling white sand and the ocean waters that stay clear all year round.

These beaches are also rich in coral, making them perfect for snorkeling. The mild winds experienced in Watamu make it a favorite beach for kite surfers. Aside from the beachfront, Watamu boasts of marine life that is as diverse as it is colorful. From Hawksbill Turtles to Dolphins and over 500 species of fish.

As with any White Sand beach in Kenya and the Indian Ocean, Watamu offers bonus attractions as well. One of these is the Arabuko Sokoke forest, which is home to Elephants, Monkeys, and rare species of birdlife; Watamu is a bird watcher’s paradise. Yet another of Watamu’s attractions is Mida creek, a favorite stopover for many migratory birds. These include the Golden Oriole, the White-throated Bee-eater, Black Cuckoo-shrike, and African Pygmy Kingfisher.

One can enjoy canoe ride tours of the mangroves by the local tour guides who happily take you through the mangrove forests, all while singing Swahili songs. Aside from all that, the breathtaking sunsets make this one beach to remember.

Another attraction is the Kipepeo project (‘kipepeo’ means butterfly in Swahili). This is a conservation project marketing butterfly and moth pupae and other live insects as well as honey and silk cloth produced by the local community.

All these are within 2km of this beach. Further afield are the Gedi ruins, an archeological site preserved as a Museum. The ruins were a window into the lives of the Oman traders in the 13th century & the advanced town and systems they had in place even then. From trade with Europe to their courts and mosques! You can see all these tales come to life here, at Gedi.

5. Best Beaches in Mombasa – Malindi Beach

Adjacent to Watamu beach to the north is Malindi Beach. Known as Italy Ndogo (‘little Italy’ in Swahili), Malindi is primarily a tourist town, a haven for Italian tourists. The Indian Ocean beaches at Malindi have a distinctive silver sand quality, giving them a sparkling golden color.

Aside from swimming, the beaches also offer several other fun activities. For example, you may go on a full-day safari to Sardegna 2 ‘island,’ also known as Sardegna due. This is a temporary ‘Island’ formed by the receding tides.

You are treated to snorkeling at Malindi marine park for about an hour when you arrive. Here you get to swim with shoals of colorful fish, including stingrays and eels! All harmless, of course. If you are uncomfortable with deep-sea swimming, you still get to see the action thanks to our glass-bottomed boats.

After that, the boat heads to the Island, where the crew prepares a BBQ lunch made of fresh seafood. Some staples include fish, prawns, and lobsters accompanied by soft drinks & fruits. The ocean waters at Sardegna due are so crystal clear the red starfish are readily visible even while standing in the water!

Also standard are pufferfish which can bite through a rock! Fishing is yet another attraction at Malindi beaches. Just as with Diani, Malindi beaches have a ton of big fish to challenge fishing lovers.

The town even has a deep-sea fishing club to boot! Other attractions on the Malindi beaches include the annual Malindi cultural festival. The occasion celebrates the town’s history through traditional songs, dance, arts, and crafts.

6. Best Beaches in Kenya – Lamu Beach

Located 465km from Nairobi, on the Southeast coast of Kenya, is one of the top beaches North of Mombasa,  Lamu beach. It is part of Lamu town, a small archipelago tracing its roots as far back as the 14th century. The most popular Lamu beaches are Manda Bay & Shela, which boast luxury beach hotels.

Lamu’s golden beaches are most attractive: their peace. You can have an entire stretch of beach to yourself! And that is saying a lot, considering that Lamu has over 12kms of the beach.

You are assured of pure, unbridled scenic beauty with such a stretch. Lamu offers excellent snorkeling spots. Aside from fish, sea Turtles and Dolphins are the most sighted marine life.

Did you know that Lamu is also a UNESCO heritage site? Even more impressive, there are no cars in Lamu! Transportation is primarily by donkeys, on foot, or by boat. Luckily for those who may not fancy Donkey rides, the town is fairly accessible on foot.

So pure is the land that in areas like Shela, locals walk around the sandy neighborhood barefoot. It doesn’t get more relaxed than this.

The other beautiful thing about Lamu is that there is history everywhere you look. Here you will learn about the town’s narrow streets & the Swahili House museum, all along the seashore. The city also hosts the world-renown Lamu Cultural festival and annual Dhow sailing competitions.

7. Best Beaches in Africa – Tiwi Beach

Are there times when your only wish is to kick back, enjoy some sun, maybe a book, and not be hassled by anyone? North of Diani and 17 Km from Mombasa is Tiwi beach. Tiwi Beach is for those wishing to have a peaceful moment & simply relax in the sun after a swim.

It is an intimate sandy beach surrounded by many cottages and quiet. Due to its proximity to Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach is relatively ignored in favor of the livelier Diani.

Nonetheless, Tiwi beach is a well-kept secret for those who wish to have some time to themselves.

8. Leading Beaches in Kenya – Nyali Beach

While close to Mombasa town, Nyali beach has retained its privacy and space. The beach is on the North Coast of Mombasa, nestled near the affluent neighborhood of Nyali. Therefore, that deluxe hotels and accommodations surround Nyali Beach.

Its sparse population assures visitors of the beach of their privacy as they enjoy this pristine stretch of beach. Aside from swimming, nearby attractions include a visit to the Mamba village, where you get to see crocodiles, & the Haller park animal sanctuary.

9. Top Beaches in Kenya – Shanzu Beach

Shanzu Beach is a part of the Mombasa Marine National Park Reserve. Unlike the other Mombasa beaches, Shanzu beach is relatively shorter in length. Nonetheless, it is the perfect venue for picnics or romantic walks on the beach.

Aside from swimming, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, & boat rides are all fun activities you can do at Shanzu beach. For the more daring, windsurfing is yet another option to consider. Since Shanzu is also an upmarket neighborhood, the beach is not crowded.

Glass-bottomed boats are also available for those interested in boat rides and a selection of luxury beach hotels and resorts.

10. Best Beaches in Kenya – Gazi Beach

One of the little-known wonders among Kenya Beaches is Gazi beach. Situated up the coast along the Kenyan and Tanzanian border is a secluded beach known as Gazi beach. Due to its little-known status, Gazi beach is never crowded and is thus an excellent choice for those seeking privacy.

The beach is part of Gazi village &  is accessible through the Gazi Women’s Mangrove Boardwalk, an initiative of the village women of Gazi. Like other beaches, this beach offers a chance to swim and play beach games such as beach volleyball and beach soccer.

The area is also rich in mangroves, and the people who give you a guided tour are none other than the village women themselves!

11. Things to do – Visit Bamburi Beach

If you’re looking for the ultimate beach getaway, look no further than Bamburi Beach. Located just 25 minutes north of Mombasa, Bamburi Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking fun and relaxation on the beach. Whether you prefer to lie back and soak up the sun or go swimming and snorkeling, Bamburi Beach has it all.

This beach is also home to many luxury beach resorts and upscale hotels, so you can kick back and enjoy the best of both worlds – a beautiful beach escape, coupled with all the amenities of a high-end getaway. Be sure to check out Bamburi Beach on your next trip to Kenya!

Best Beaches in Kenya - Diving
You Can Enjoy Deep Sea Diving During Your Beach Safari

Top 10 Things to Do in Diani and Mombasa Kenya 

Before we look at the top beach in Kenya, let us look at some of the best things & activities you can do in Diani and Mombasa. 

1. Swimming and Snorkeling

Our marine adventures bring you close to fascinating marine life. Some of the species you are likely to spot include Dolphins, Whale sharks, Starfish, Sea turtles, and over 500 species of fish.

You will also get a chance to swim with Ollie the Octopus in Diani.

2. Scuba Diving

If there is a coral reef on the beach, then you can enjoy scuba diving. The coral reefs and many shipwrecks around the islands of Kenya make it a paradise for scuba diving. If you are looking to learn how to dive, there are several scuba diving schools in Diani that can help you get started.

3. Deep Sea Fishing and Dolphin Tours

The deep waters off the coast of Kenya are rich in fish as well as other marine life, making it a great spot for deep-sea fishing. You can also enjoy dolphin tours & watch these magnificent creatures swim and play in the ocean.

4. Kitesurfing 

Glistening waters, a white sandy beach, and strong winds make the Kenya coast a kitesurfing paradise. Whether you are looking to get started with this sport or improve your skills, there are many schools in Diani that can help you learn this exciting water sport.

If these activities sound like something up your alley, we will meet your excitement on all levels, from Kitesurfing to skydiving.

5. Art and Culture of the Town

You get to experience the Swahili hospitality and cuisine of the town. Our seafood includes Octopus, Prawns, Calamari, Lobster, and the usual Fish, which is expertly made & served alongside our traditional Kenyan foods.

6. Be Part of Conservation Efforts

A trip with is an opportunity to be part of conservation projects such as the Kipepeo project. The Gazi Women’s Mangrove project & many others help improve the lives of the local people. There are plenty of conservation activities you can engage in right off the coast and a few miles south of or north of the beach and make a difference.

7. Visit Heritage Sites

Depending on the destination, our holidays are also designed to give you the most out of our heritage, including sharing our rich history. Our Kenya beach holidays ensure you reap the most rewards from your Kenyan safari. Here are the prices for the various activities you can do during your beach safari in Kenya.

The Price of the Things You Can Do in Diani and Mombasa

Mombasa/Diani ActivitiesPrice Per AdultPrice Per Child
Wasini Day TripUSD 135USD 67.5
Funzi Day TripUSD 120USD 60
Glass Boat TripUSD 50USD 25
Diving in Diani- 2 DivesUSD 200USD 100
Whale Shark SpottingUSD 270USD 135
Deep Sea Fishing – 4 hoursUSD 500 – Per BoatN/A
Chale Island Day Trip with LunchUSD 170USD 85
Diani Sunset CruiseUSD 85USD 42.5
Funzi or Wasini Cruise with DinnerUSD 120USD 60
Kayo Kinondo Forest TourUSD 75USD 37.5
Kite Surfing 3hr introductory course for beginnersUSD 110USD 55
Jet Ski – half hourUSD 85USD 42.5
Camping in Diani- Tents ProvidedUSD 35USD 17.5
Funzi & Wasini with Overnight at FunziUSD 300USD 150
Mombasa City Tour from MombasaPrice Per AdultPrice Per Child
Full-Day with Luch at Tamarind RestaurantUSD 150USD 75
Full-Day with Lunch at a Mombasa HotelUSD 140USD 70
Half-Day City TourUSD 95USD 47.5
Half-Day City Tour with Dinner CruiseUSD 205USD 102.5
Mombasa City Tour from DianiPrice Per AdultPrice Per Child
Full-Day with Luch at Tamarind RestaurantUSD 165USD 82.5
Full-Day with Lunch at a Mombasa HotelUSD 150USD 75
Half-Day City TourUSD 115USD 57.5
Half-Day City Tour with Dinner CruiseUSD 215USD 107.5