3 Days Masai Mara Safari - 2 Nights African Safari in Kenya Itinerary and Price

African Safari in Kenya - Car

Are you looking for an amazing African safari experience? Look no further than this 3-day, 2-night safari in Kenya. We have orchestrated this 3 Days, 2 Nights African safari in Kenya to give you unlimited opportunities to sample Masai Mara’s greatness.

We are talking about game drives in the rolling grasslands of the Mara, searching for wildlife. These include big cats, African elephants, buffalos,  leopards, lions, and black rhinos.

Besides the big 5, your 3 Days African tour in Kenya itinerary allows you to spot cheetahs, wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, hyenas, giraffes, crocodiles, and hippos.

You experience that while staying in luxury safari lodges in Masai Mara, like Entim Mara Camp, Sarova Mara Game Lodge, Basecamp Masai Mara, Ashnil Masai Mara, and Masai Mara Sopa Lodge.

Book Your 3 Days, 2 Nights African Safari in Kenya Masai Mara 

If you would like to tailor-make this safari to Masai Mara in any way, email us at safarioffers@ajkenyasafaris.com or james@ajkenyasafaris.com. You can also book the package as provided. You can also call or Whatsapp us at +254-748-258-880. We are always available for our guests, and nothing makes us happier than seeing the broad smiles on their faces at the end of the Masai Mara safari.

The Summarized, 3 Days, 2 Nights African Safari in Kenya Itinerary 

Trip DetailsHighlights 
Day 1

Pickup from JKIA, Transfer to Masai Mara, & Afternoon Game Drive

Overnight at Various Camps/Lodge

Day 2

Full-Day Game Drive at Masai Mara with Packed Lunch

Overnight at Various Camps/Lodges

Day 3Morning Game Drive, Visit a Maasai Village, & Transfer to Nairobi (JKIA
Items Included All Pickups & Transfers, Full-Board Accommodation, 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser, Game Drives, Park Fees, Professional Safari Guide, Bottled Mineral Water, and More
Items Excluded Visas, Money Transfer Fee, Tips & Gratuities, Hot Air Balloon Safari, and Laundry Service.
Safari Price Per Person Sharing Based on 2-Pax From USD 880

The Detailed 3 Days African Safari in Masai Mara Itinerary 

A Masai Mara National Reserve tour introduces you and your loved one to the greatest wonders of the world. You get to experience the best of Africa’s wildlife in one place during your 3-day Masai Mara tour from Nairobi.

Day 1: Welcome to Kenya, Transfer to Masai Mara, & Afternoon Game Drive

On the first day of your 3-day Masai Mara safari package, we will warmly welcome and introduce you to our wonderful country. As is our tradition, we shall have your Masai Mara safari guide waiting for you at the airport. 

You will have coffee/tea if you arrive early in the morning, and then start your 3 days Masai Mara safari. You leave Nairobi aboard our luxurious 4×4 Land Cruiser and ease into the Nairobi- Nakuru highway.

The road trip to Maasai Mara Game Reserve will see you make two stops, one at the Great Rift Valley and the other at Narok Town. You will first encounter Kenya’s scenic beauty at the Great Rift valley while on the way to Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Great Rift valley is a geological fault, almost 7,000 km long, running from North Syria through Kenya to the central parts of Mozambique. The Ethiopian and Kenyan parts of the Rift Valley are characterized by ancient volcanic activity.

Also, this section harbors a string of beautiful and unique lakes, supporting an abundance and variety of birdlife with more than 400 species of birds. These include flamingos, pelicans, herons, storks, eagles, hawks, secretary birds, starlets, bee-eaters, cormorants, anhinga, woodpeckers, etc.

After the viewpoint, you continue with your Masai Mara safari from Nairobi. The driver will drive past Mt. Longonot and Suswa ranges, heading for the Masai Mara.

The trip to Mara takes 5-6 hours, with a stop at Narok town for fueling and last-minute shopping for any forgotten personal items you may need. Make the best use of this last opportunity with civilization as you know it. From this point on is your interaction with the big 5 and other animals in the park.

The safari guide will then drive you to the game reserve and take you to your chosen accommodation. He will leave you and your traveling partner to have lunch and relax in your room as you rejuvenate for the real adventure, which begins with the afternoon game drive at 3 PM.

What’s so special about this game drive in Masai Mara? Well, it’s a wildlife drama unique to the evening hours and the ideal time for spotting the big five and cats.

It is also when you encounter the most elusive nocturnal predators that live in the park and are hardly seen during the daytime. Watch the leopard’s stealthy moves at dusk as he goes for the kill. Look into his eyes as he ravenously devours his meal.

Astounding does not even begin to describe it. The African owl is another predator you can only see during late afternoon game drives.

Other animals that frolic in the Mara night are bush babies, aardvarks, cape hares, and many more. It’s an indescribable experience that you get on day one of your 3-day Masai Mara safari.

Day 2: Full-Day Game Drive at Masai Mara National Reserve with Packed Lunch 

Ever slept with your shoes on? No? Well then, a full-day game drive in Masai Mara has a way of turning the no’s to that question into yeses. 

You begin with breakfast and then head out to mara reserve with packed lunch. Though this appears early, it is one of the best times to catch a predator hunting for breakfast; a scene well worth losing sleep for while in the mara.

You continue with morning game drives, and they are epic. They allow you an intimate interaction with some of the wild’s most iconic wild animals, including all members of the big 5. Think lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeests, hippos, antelopes, zebras, and other animals.

You will be with your silver level or a gold level safari guide for this safari, more than skilled for the game drives. Our guides are the local experts on African tours in Kenya Maasai Mara National Reserve. 

You can trust them to guide you to the best location. This will automatically double, if not triple, your photography and wildlife viewing opportunities. You will likely have seen all members of the big five by now, but a safari from Nairobi to mara is one of the best as we will have more to show you.

This Masai Mara safari three days tour isn’t all about the wildlife. You get to delight in the scenic landscapes. And most importantly, you get to see precisely why Kenya goes unrivaled in her beauty and magnificence when you think of a safari in Africa.

As time goes by, it will be noon, time for the picnic lunch inside Masai Mara. The picnic lunch is typically in the form of sandwiches, meat, fruits, and drinks such as juice and water taken right in the jungle with a view of the wildlife.  

Our experienced guide will locate a strategic place, typically under a tree, where you will have a front-row seat to all the action. Trust us, you will be in the jungle for 3 days but you will say that, “it was the best lunch you have ever had”, thanks to this view.

After lunch, you dive deep into the Mara to spot any animal you may have missed. Finally, we will drive back to your camp in time for dinner. There are activities you can engage in at the camp, which we will organize like bonfire adventures.

If you book your safari during the migration season, expect to see the action at River Mara on day 2 of your safari. We will be in the middle of the action as soon as the wildebeest start to cross the river.

Thousands of wildebeest will cross the river into Kenya as crocodiles try to stop them. Hungry predators wait on the other side of the river giving you incredible moments that will seem unbelievable. You will barely want to leave the action as you experience what you will call, “it was both an exciting and a scary experience.”

frican safari in Kenya - Maasai
An Evening at a Bonfire - We Can Arrange this with the Camp

Day 3: Morning Game Drive, Visit a Maasai Village and Transfer to Nairobi

Today is a day to remember at the park as it’s the third day of your 3 days tour in the leading game reserve in the world. Your 3 Days safari in Africa to Maasai Mara has ended.

You have probably seen much of what makes the Masai Mara a world-winning reserve at the jungle. So, you leave your camp after breakfast with packed bags as you will not return after your morning game drive.

The drive will take you around the park, perhaps to an area you hadn’t visited before. With a professional safari guide, you can bet that day three is a time that will be in a lifetime memory for every traveler.

You slowly make your way outside the park, for those staying inside Mara Sopa Lodge, Entim Mara, or any other accommodation inside the reserve. You might see any animal you have missed; morning game drives are full of surprises.

While on a 3 days tour, you will excite the reserve by around 10:30 am and head for the Maasai Village. The Maasai are the most photographed people in the world who you get to interact with when you book your safari with a professional tour company.

A visit to their village will be your chance to learn about their centuries-old culture, which has remained largely uninfluenced by the western world. You also get to purchase their items while on a visit to their village.

How do Masais co-exist with lions? Why do they drink animal blood? Why are women the ones who build the Manyattas (Maasai houses)? The Maasai village visit will be your chance to get these answers.

You will then get on the road back to Nairobi. You will have a lunch stop in Narok town since you arrive in Nairobi by 4 or  5 pm.

Items Included in the 3 Days Itinerary for Masai Mara Safari Price 

  • Airport pick-ups and drop-offs on days 1 and 3
  • A private, well-versed tour guide, Kenyan and multilingual.
  • Afternoon game drive on day 1
  • Full-day game drive on day 2
  • Picnic lunch on day 2
  • Morning game drive on day 3
  • Visit a Maasai village on day 3
  • Lunch at Narok town on day 3
  • Round-trip transport to all attractions and destinations as per the itinerary
  • Full-board accommodation for two nights 
  • Masai Mara National Reserve entrance fees
  • Bottled drinking water in the safari vehicle

Items Excluded from the 3 African Safari in Kenya Masai Mara Price 

  • Optional Hot Air Balloon Ride – USD 450 per person.
  • Easter, Christmas, & New Year Supplements of USD 50 Per Person
  • Pre-travel expenses (e.g., Passports and visas)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Expenses such as baggage fees, laundry charges, luxury drinks such as champagne, etc.
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Items and services of a personal nature
  • Money transfer fee

Safari Price Per Person Sharing for 3 Days African Safari in Kenya – Based on 2 Pax

Lodge/Camp Low Season  High Season  Migration Season  Festive Season 
Travel Months  April, May, June 2023 Jan, Feb, March, Nov, Dec (15th) 2023 July, Aug, Sep, Oct 2023 Dec 16th 2023 – 1st Jan 2024
Enkorok Camp USD 880 USD 980 USD 1165 USD 1165
Sentrim Mara  USD 920 USD 1000 USD 1125 USD 1125
Basecamp Masai Mara  USD 950 USD 1110 USD 1275 USD 1275
Zebra Plain Mara USD 930 USD 1140 USD 1305 USD 1275
Sekenani Camp USD 930 USD 1050 USD 1325 USD 1265
Mara Simba Lodge  USD 960 USD 1082 USD 1335 USD 1247
Mara Big 5 Camp USD 1000 USD 1130 USD 1355 USD 1405
Keekorok Lodge USD 926 USD 1084 USD 1389 USD 1479
Mara Kimana Camp USD 1160 USD 1340 USD 1435 USD 1435
Ashnil Mara Camp USD 1008 USD 1118 USD 1493 USD 1275
Mara Serena Safari Lodge USD 981 USD 1142 USD 1497 USD 1567
Sarova Mara Game Lodge USD 982 USD 1174 USD 1499 USD 1436
Mara Maisha Camp USD 1010 USD 1170 USD 1535 USD 1535
Ilkeliani Camp USD 1130 USD 1210 USD 1535 USD 1535
Mara Crossing Camp USD 1200 USD 1470 USD 1565 USD 1565
Mara Legend Camp USD 1080 USD 1360 USD 1575 USD 1625
Entim Mara  USD 1310 USD 1390 USD 1705 USD 1705
Sand River Mara  USD 1435 USD 1749 USD 1996 USD 1996
Governors Camp  USD 1366 USD 1734 USD 2221 USD 2221

African Tour in Kenya – A Guide to Masai Mara National Reserve 

As a national reserve, Masai Mara only covers a measly 1,510 Sq. Km. But don’t let its size deceive you. Between July and early Oct, it hosts over 2 Million animals and is the epicenter of the annual wildebeest migration!

Book your 3 days Kenya safari in Masai Mara between July and October for a chance to witness the migration. This is the period within which the Masai Mara migration happens. If you have your eyes on catching the Masai Mara river crossing, plan to visit the Mara between July and August.

But don’t limit yourself to booking a migration safari only.  Book this African tour in Kenya Masai Mara any time of the year, and we guarantee you will have a great time. Lots of educational and memorable moments.

Masai Mara is estimated to have over 1000 lions and 450 bird species. It houses over 96 different species of Mammals and reptile species. And the reserve has been voted Africa’s leading safari destination six times from 2014- 2019 by the World Travel Awards.

African Safari in Kenya - Leopard
Maasai Mara Has All the Big 5 Members

Topics & Questions of African Safari in Kenya to the Masai Mara

Here are some topics and questions you might want to consider when planning your African tour in the Masai Mara:

1. Which African country is best for safaris?

The answer, of course, is Kenya! With its expansive wilderness areas and hundreds of different animal species, Africa is the perfect destination for a safari adventure.

2. How long is Maasai Mara from Nairobi?

The drive from Nairobi to the Mara National Reserve takes about 5-6-hrs. This is made up of a 3-hr drive to Narok, followed by a 2-hr drive to the reserve itself. A flight from Nairobi to Maasai Mara takes about 45 minutes.

3. How many days are enough in Masai Mara?

For an authentic African experience, we recommend having a 3 days safari in Kenya exploring Masai Mara. This will allow you plenty of time to explore the reserve, spot wildlife in its natural habitats, and immerse yourself in the stunning landscape of this amazing national park.

4. How do I book the Masai Mara African safari in Kenya?

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience, look no further than MasaiMaraSafari.in. We offer a variety of safari packages that will allow you and your loved ones to see some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet.

Whether you’re interested in seeing lions, elephants, or giraffes, we can tailor a safari package to fit your needs. In addition, our experienced guides will ensure that you have a safe and memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Book your safari today!